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H°fner 4560 V2

My first guitar in 1966


I got from my parents brand new as birthday present in 1966. I was bought at Arnes Radio in Glostrup, Denmark (price I don't know, but approx 290$/2000 Dkr.). I actually started my first year i guitar class on this "monster" (6 years old)

It was build in 1964. It's a H÷fner Thinline 4560 MK

A model of the 456, brown shaded, celluloid binding around top, back and f-holes, two 510 diamond pickups, A 2 aggregate, Hofner vibrato

As thinline guitars became popular in the late Ĺ50ĺs and into the Ĺ60ĺs, Hofner produced several thinline models based on existing full-body models. The addition of a fourth digit, a zero, came to mean thinline, as was the case with the 4500, 4560, 4680 and 4700 series of 2" deep electric guitars. As well, the fourth digit was used to communicate specific variations on thinline models, such as the 4572, 4574, 4575 and so forth.

Below are my private pictures of my own H°fner, below these are official pictures from H°fner.

Official pictures from H°fner:



Below is diagram for the volume/tone controls, the pic is from the Bass guitar, but its the same on the normal guitar


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