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Jem 10th F627317 made in Japan - CE No. 860

Jem10th Black Pearl Beauty. It was bought in Copenhagen at Musikhuset Aage-jensen in 1996.

Price was 28.450 dkr (approx $4.500,-) in 1996

Head with 777 eye


EVO pickups with silver paint shield

Pierre with jem10th in Copenhagen Denmark studio "Duckling Studio" Sept 2006


This Ibanez Jem 10th anniversary is a very limited signature Steve Vai model. It was made in 1996 to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the Ibanez Jem models.

  • Bolt-on maple neck,

  • All Access Neck Joint,

  • Rosewood fingerboard,

  • Vine inscribed metal pick guard,

  • Vine and pyramid inscribed metal headstock overlay,

  • Abalone Vine inlays,

  • Abalone Body,

  • Neck & Headstock Binding,

  • Chrome hardware,

  • Lo Pro Edge Trem,

  • 24 frets, Warmoth 6105

  • 2-hum DiMarzio chrome covered pickups and 1 single coil.

I do play my jem10th every weekend with during touring in DK. Actually it has been played so much, I did have to change the neck pickup because the plastic in the pick up edge below strings were totally worn out, and cobber from the actual pickup was hanging out broken and it was lowering output/sound (replacement of Evo neck pick up approx 800 Dkr or 130$).

Also all plating (Metal silver paint) on pickups are worn off. Maybe I repaint it some day.


In November 2006 I have had to replace/shifted the frets due to heavy damage from playing a lot. Åke Nathorst Westfelt at guitar shop in Aabenrå (street in Copenhagen, phone +45 3312 1251) did the job. Åke told me before getting started that the result would be better then new. And what a result. Its flying, or more like my fingers are moving faster than ever. Type of frets? ask Åke, properly Warmoth 6105


Thanks to Åke, great job (price for the job 3.700,- dkr. approx $650).


Pickup switching

Click on picture for wiring diagram


Yes I know, Ibanez coinsures they all are wrong.

It has bee claimed that Ibanez did made only 852 pcs. of jem10th, but mine jem10th is number 860.


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