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Mathias IA Ekelund, Freak Kitchen

MVP of all time coming out of Sweden


Solo stuff

Freak Guitar

(TSP 1999)



IA’s first solo effort. Visit for more information. (TSP 1999)


God - The Mechanic
The Grey Hat of Compromise
Lisa's Passion for Heavy Metal
La Bamba
Evil Shower
When Sam Played it Again...
Midsummer Night in Hell
(Friday Afternoon) In a Galaxy Far Away...
The Satanic Moonwalk
Detroit Rock City
The Territorial Thing
Time to Breathe
Mumbo Jumbo
The Mud Man
Doctor Pangloss goes to Lisbon
The Black Page
Revenge of the Bambi-Loving Terrorist

Freak Guitar The Road Less Travelled (CD)

(TSP 2004)



The Road Less Travelled (CD)
IA’s second solo effort. Visit for more information. (TSP 2004)


The Road Less Traveled
There's No Money in Jazz
Print This!
No Strings Attached
Fletch Theme
The Battle of Bob
Chopstick Boogie
Toxic Donald
Happy Hour
Smoke on the Water
Insert Coin
The Woman in Seat 27A
Ketchup is a Vegetable
Samba Caramba
White Trash Hyper Blues
Toxic Mickey
Minor Swing
One-String Improvisation
Asteroid 3834
Little Bastard
Difficult Person Music

Freak Guitar Smrgsbord (CD)

(TSP 2013)

With Freak Kitchen    

Appetizer (CD)By Freak Kitchen (TSP 1994)



Lie Freedom


See You In Pittsburgh



Some Kind Of Love Song

Are You For Real

The Healthy Man

What's The Problem

The New Part


This award winning debut shows Freak Kitchen´s variety and features an amazing bunch of tunes and performances all over. It made the critics lyrical and Appetizer was called 'The best debut album a Swedish band has produced in both this and the last decade'. (TSP 1994)

Spanking Hour (CD)By Freak Kitchen (TSP 1996)

Walls of Stupidity

Haw, Haw, Haw


Taste My Fist

Burning Bridges

Inner Revolution


Spanking Hour

Proud to be Plastic


The Bitter Season


The second Freak Kitchen release is a natural development from the debut with its fat, rich 'in your face'-sound and dynamic, solid songs. Nominated for 'rock album of the year' in England in the production and song writing categories, Spanking Hour is an innovative 50 minute rock masterpiece. (TSP 1996)

Freak Kitchen (CD)By Freak Kitchen (TSP 1998)

We?ve Heard it All Before

Vaseline Bizniz

Michael and the Syndrome

Entertain Me

My New Haircut

Broken Food


Mr. Kaschei and the 13 Prostitutes


Six Dildo Bob and the Blue Grass Samba from Hell

Tiny Little Second

Pathetic Aesthetic

A Regular Guy

Also Sprach Cetacea


A heavy-pop-rock-latin-world-jazz-avant-garde-metal-blues-record straight from hell! The third Freak Kitchen album is pretty different from the other two which, despite many forms of musical influences, easily could be categorized as hard rock or metal. (TSP 1998)

Dead Soul Men (CD)By Freak Kitchen (TSP 2000)


Gun God

Ugly Side of Me

Everything is Under Control

Get a Life

The Sinking Planet

Dead Soul Man

I Refuse

Black Spider Flag

Super Model Baby

Slap Me in the Face



The fourth album marks a return to the rough side. 'Dead Soul Men' also marks the final stretch of the collaboration with original band members Christian Grönlund on bass guitar and Joakim Sjoberg on drums. (TSP 2000)

Move (CD)By Freak Kitchen (TSP 2002)

We've Heard It All Before

Vaseline Bizniz

Michael & The Syndrome

Entertain Me

My New Haircut

Broken Food


Mr Kashchei & The 13 Prostitutes


Six Dildo Bob & The Bluegrass Samba From Hell

Tiny Little Second

Pathetic Aesthetic

A Regular Guy


In 'Move', you have in your hands an album from the top of the batch, and it deserves all your attention. 'Move' is without a doubt the best album of Freak Kitchen career. More metal, more experimental, more fascinating! (TSP 2002)

Organic (CD)By Freak Kitchen (TSP 2005)

Speak When Spoken To

The Rights To You

Look Bored

Chest Pain Waltz

Mussolini Mind

Guilt Trip


Independent Way Of Life

Heal Me

Infidelity Ghost

Sob Story



In an age of fear and environmental meltdown, enter 'Organic'. The crew is joined by the amazing Bumblefoot on vocals and guitar on 'Speak When Spoken To'. The weird, beautify and very, eh, organic cover painting is made by fabulous French expressionist Thierry Cardinet. (TSP 2005)


Land Of The Freaks (CD)By Freak Kitchen (TSP 2009)

God Save the Spleen

Hip Hip Hoorah

Teargas Jazz

Sick? (Death By Hypochondria)


Honey You're A Nazi

The Only Way

Murder Groupie

The Smell of Time

One Last Dance

Do Not Disturb

Clean It Up


Land of the Freaks, the seventh Freak Kitchen album, shows a band hungry, energetic and determined to break new ground!
With vivid South Indian carnatic influences Mattias, Björn and Chris go where no metal band has gone before, combining breathtaking rhythm structures with top-notch song-writing over tonality unheard of in metal music.
Featuring Radhakrishna on double-violin and V. Selvaganesh on kanjeera.

Cooking with Pagins (CD)By Freak Kitchen (TSP 2014)

Professional Help
Freak Of The Week
Goody Goody
(Saving Up For An) Anal Bleach
Private Property
Mathematics Of Defeat
I Don't Want To Golf
Come Back To Comeback
Ranks Of The Terrified
Once Upon A Time In Scandinavistan


You can expect a beefy rock album, freak style. I think that Cooking with Pagans finally has the sound and energy of Freak Kitchen live; the energy and
rawness. It is anything but overproduced, stripped down, drums, bass and guitar. To the point. - Mattias IA Eklundh

It has been 5 years since Freak Kitchen graced us with a new album. Since the release of 2009 s Land Of The Freaks, the band has toured the world making
stops in Europe, USA, and Asia along the way. Finally the band was able to settle down in their home base of Sweden to record the long awaited follow up
Cooking With Pagans.

The album finds the band collaborating with Blacksad comic book creator and former Disney animator Juanjo Guarnido. In addition to creating the amazing
packaging for the album, Mr. Guarnido has created an incredible animated video to support the album release.

Freak Kitchen consists of world renowned guitarist Mattias IA Eklundh, bassist Christer Ortefors and drummer Bjorn Fryklund, The trio offers an intense
blend of progressive metal and rock, often served up with a wicked dose of humor. RIYL Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, and Bumblefoot.




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