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Marshall 1959 SLP
Marshall 1965a cab
Line 6 relay G90
Marshall JMP-1
Marshall JCM 800






Here is some of the Marshall equipment i do use

See also links for JMC 800 and the incredible Marshall 1959 SLP Super Lead Plexi Guitar Amplifier Head



Some of my "Live Gear Stuff"



Old rack before 2013 with Senheiser Sennheiser pro wireles system evolution, that was replaced 20134 with Line 6 wireless

Large pic of my rack 2014-09-18 with Line 6 wireless Relay G90

[file:///E:/My Webs/pierreschwartz 2015/photogallery/photo00024188/real.htm]




  JMP-1 Handbook   Rack products and the 9100 Rack Handbook



Follow this link to see how I do change the original Marshall EC83 tubes to Grove Tubes






Front of 9100


Back of 9100


9100 Wireing diagram 9100-60-01 9100 Wireing Diagram 9100-61-02

9100 Wireing Diagram 9100-62-02   9100 Wireing Diagram 9100-64-02

9100 Wireing Diagram 9100-65-02 9100 Handbook


4 times 300-watt angled 4x12" speaker cabinet and straight, loaded with GT12-75-watt Celestion speakers. Nothing personifies the image of rock 'n' roll more completely than a wall of Marshall stacks. Though often imitated, nothing compares to the original. The world's first ever 4x12" cab was designed and built by Jim Marshall in 1962, and with it a legend was born. 


Cabinets Handbook










More Marshall stuff here:







Wireless system from Sennheizer EW100, not active anymore since 2013



Line 6 wireless Relay G90 since 2013, more picks unpackint the Line 6 relay G90 device here


The original booklet following Bad Horsie II and Commercial sticker, click on image for lager pic.

Behringer FCB1010 midi pedal board for controlling everything in the rack  





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