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Keep stacking them Marshalls

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Jem10th in blue

Small cafe gear

Jem10th serial number 860 in the studio

Ibanez jem10th on the job.

Lets go 7 ......  strings i do presume?

In front of a large audience, jem Universe MC 7string



Just a small cafe gig.."keep stacking them Marshalls"

Ready for a monster solo? jem Universe MC 7string

Pierre Schwartz with Ibanez jem 10th.  PUSH for view!

   Pierre         Jens   Bo   Torsten  Thomas        

Guitar: jem555VW

   jem10th     euphoria 7      jem555VW       jem77MC

Marshall stack 2x1960A + 2x1960B


Rack for guitar   Euphoria 7  Jem555 Jem10th jem77MC


  • Sennheizer 820 wireless

  • TC Triple compressor/limiter

  • Korg 1000 Tuner

  • ART8 multi efx

  • Marshall JMC 1

  • Marshall 9100


       Euphoria 7  Jem555WH Jem10th jem77MC

Not in the picture:

  • Midifoot controller is Behringer 1010

  • Bad Horsie II waw pedal from Morley (Steve Vai)

  • Monitor from Laney, PowerWorks or Behringer




With the DK band Jays in smoke and jem10th.




Me playing jem10th in Duckling studio Copenhagen September 2006, press picture to hear the recorded solo for DK Grand Prix number Paradise 2007

Click Picture to hear Paradise Solo



Gear on pic to the left

SoundCraft Spirit 24/8/2 mixer


  • Active 3 way + 1 stereo Crossover for front PA

  • HH 500 for top

  • Crown 2500 for mid

  • Crown 3500 for bass

  • Front PA is 2 top/mid RCF cab (horn, 2x15"), 4 x RCF 600 (18") for sub. (not in pic)

  • Monitors 5xPowerworks active or Behringer passive (not in pic)

  • Mic. SM58 for voc, Sennheizer and AKG for drums (not in pic)

  • 2xJBL for sidefields (not in pic)


  • Stereo Compress/Limiter for kick

  • Aphex B for finalize

  • TC one for vocal

  • 2 x dbx DeSS for Compress/Limiter for voc (4)

  • Stereo 16 band EQ for front PA

  • TC one for drums

  • 4 mono Compress/Limiter for snare, and tom 1 2 3

  • Stereo 16 band EQ for monitor

  • Power supply for mixer


Some of my Live gear playing with 5aLive (small setup)

Pierre Schwartz UK Version History (Danish version below)

As well as I remember, I've only taken it with more established, as there was plenty of minor bands underway.
Mail if mistake and apologize to those I forgot ...
Play Louder .... and may the force be with your Ibanez ....!

The beginning 1966 - 1971
I started playing guitar in 1966, where I got my first guitar by my mother and father. I was forced by my parents to go to guitar instruction on Brøndbyvester school in Rømer Nielsen (60s guru of classical guitar in th ecity Brøndby), the cause was that my mother liked the guitar player Jørgen Ingemann very much. I got a Höfner half audible in the size of a 6 years kid. I have it still in good condition. I was however a couple of Spanish classical guitars for my learned guilt. I learned music from day 1, diseased death, but invaluable later on. After 5 years in the classical school 1 diligence premium in 1970 and several school concerts, I decided to convert to rock music.

Wounded Knee 1972-74
The first real school band consisting of Bo (guitar, vocals), Kim (Drums), Per (bass) and myself (guitar). We had great success in schools and youth clubs in Brøndby.

Quo 1975 - 1976
After the break in the Wounded Knee, Bo and I started Quo, we played mainly Status Quo, Deep Purple and Credence Clearwater Revival. Here we found together with Michael (bass) and Steen (drums). Per returned to the band on bass and Mikkel took over the drums.

Iron Dust 1977 - 1977
2 of the guys from the band later Freaks (DM Pop) Kim (bass) and Jan (guitar) joined forces with Steen (drums) and I (guitar). We practiced mostly at "Tranum Parken's School" in Brøndby Strand, and played just once in the youth club. The style was forged to today's rhythms and rock.

Jan Mørup - Guitar/Vocal Pierre Schwartz - Guitar/Vocal
Kim Hellman - Bass/Vocal Steen Pop - Trommer
Kim Hellman - Bass/Vocal       ~          Steen Pop - Trommer     ~         Pierre Schwartz - Guitar/Vocal

Pierre Schwartz-Guitar/Vocal ~ Kim Hellman-Bass/Vocal ~ Steen Pop-Trommer ~ Jan Mørup-Guitar/Vocal

Pierre Schwartz-Guitar/Vocal ~ Kim Hellman-Bass/Vocal ~ Steen Pop-Trommer ~ Jan Mørup-Guitar/Vocal

Saturn 1978 - 1978
Dan (bass guitar) was probably one of Denmark's largest Kizz fan. Anyway we formed Saturn, where Bo (guitar) was back on guitar and a sea of drummers that I can not remember by names (please send info if you remember). We also practiced at "the Deaf Institute" in Bülowsgade Copenhagen.

Heavy Duty 1979 - 1980
A serious project with Allan (Guitar), Jens (bass guitar), Bjarne (drums). We practiced and practiced and practiced .... the youth house at Bellahøj. It was a few simple jobs and a multi-long recording in the studio "Two-Step-Down" in Copenhagen, I still have the original tapes (4 track 2"" real tape recorded on a 4 track tape Teak Station, I even got the wheel tape machine), after that then we broke up. Allan and I formed "A La Basta".

A la basta 1980 - 1982
We first heard Lars (drums, later Cool Cats) and Kim (bass, later Cool Cats) with. Moreover XXX (Vocals / Sax). The style was more Danish and we played only their own numbers. Rehearsals were "reconditioned" behind Sweet Silence Studio in Amager. Willy (drums) joined (and named the band), and it boosted things up, along with Birger (Vocal). We launched our first real concert hall Brumleby in Østerbro with entrance and TV recording (DR), where the actual video i stoday I do not know, please send info if you know where it is..?

Zack 1988 - 1988
A musical digression beside Jays. Heavy Metal preoccupied me more and more because it was a technical and noisy challenge I wanted. Zack was only a precursor to the more heavy and study project with Flemming (Vocal / Jays), Palle (bass), Niels (drums) and Greeks (Keyboard, forgot his name) I "headhunted" him at a Greek restaurant in Østerbro, where he played in a Zorba - ensemble.


E.T Production 1987 - 1998
Was recruited by Erling Sibbern / Erik Thomsen as Stage Manager / Production Manager.
I have made most of the heavy / rock concerts in Denmark, ranging from Megadeth to Pink Floyd (see more at home page).

Big Time 1989 - 1990

Another digression while Jays. Big Time was the most ambitious and actually quite ok. Mick (Vocals / Alien Force), Rene (bass / Posideon), Frederick (drums / Poseidon / Jays). Here we were playing rock stars with large S. We had jobs in the Pumpehuset Copenhagen and Baghuset in Ballerup. There was recorded ambitious in the rehearsal room at Roskildevejen in Rødovre, teh band showed potential to grow big, but i had to end it because of family reunification and studies (Cand.polit.). Aw, it was otherwise the greatest fun ...(DVD can be ordered at this link)

Jays 1982 - 2006
Yes, we are back to cover music at full blast. Jays started years back in the 70'thies, so it was just to get on the road and play. We started in August 1983 with Flemming (vocals), Tommy (Keyboards), Jens-Ole (Bass / Boomerang) and Erik (drums / Playboys). Jays delivered mainstream dance music and entertainment. We started as cover band at booking Bent Helvang, since solo agreement with same booker and finally shed with Flemming Sørensen (1997). there were plenty of jobs for a change. The band remained unchanged for may years except for the drummers first there were Erik, Niels 1, Thomas 1, Frank, Thomas 2, Frederik, Niels 2 and finally Thomas 3 (Brabæk) who also plays in the current version of 5aLive.

Leadvocal list Flemming left the band for a year in 1986-1987 and was replaced with Leroy Collins, but came back to Jays in 1987



5aLive 2006 - ....
After the break with Flemming Gottfredsen the 4 of us (Jens-Ole, Torsten, Thomas and I) agreed continue with new singer from "Inex Jam" Bo Thers. It felt right and we formed 5aLive. We play the same style as in the past with Jays, but now the band was on its own without a manager. Bus and gear was continued from Jays. Bo decided to leave 5aLive in 2009.

New lead singer Lady Di (Dianna Iserhorst) joined the band an did add a new angel to the band, our first female singer.

Dianna (midle) and Torsten (left) decided to leave the band December 2013


New vocalist Lisbet Frisenette (left) and keyboard player Johannes Skjelbo Frandsen (second left) joined the band in April 2014

Freinds 2008 - ....
Peter Klarskov was stand in for Bo at a few gigs in 5aLive. Peter and i formed Freinds as a solo studio project, I did all the playing and peter the singing. You can follow freinds at the link.


Pierre Schwartz History Danish Version


Så godt jeg husker, jeg har kun taget det mere etablerede med, da der var masser af småbands undervejs. 

Mail hvis fejl, og undskyld til dem jeg har glemt...

Play louder....  and may the force be with your Ibanez....!


Start 1966 - 1971

Jeg startede med at spille guitar i 1966, hvor jeg fik min første guitar af min mor og far. Jeg blev tvunget af mine forældre til at gå til guitar undervisning på Brøndbyvester skole hos Rømer Nielsen (60'ernes guru på klassisk guitar i Brøndby omegn), årsag var at min mor syntes at Jørgen Ingemann spillede godt. Jeg fik en Høfner halvakustisk i oversize for en 6'årig knægt. Den har jeg stadig i god stand. Jeg fik dog et par spanske guitarer for min klassiske læres skyld. Jeg lærte noder fra dag 1, dødssygt, men guld værd senere hen. Efter 5 år i klassisk skole 1 flidhedspræmie i 1970 og adskillige skolekoncerter, besluttede jeg, at hellige mig rock musik. 


Wounded Knee 1972-74

Det første rigtige skole band bestående af Bo (Guitar, Sang), Kim (Trommer), Per (Bas) og undertegnede  (Guitar). Vi havde stor success på skolerne og ungdomsklubberne i Brøndbyerne 


Quo 1975 - 1976

Efter bruddet i Wounded Knee Startede Bo og Jeg Quo, vi spillede fortrinsvist Status Quo, Deep Purple og Credens Clearwater Revival. Her fandt vi sammen med Michael (Bas) og Steen (Trommer). Sener kom Per tilbage på bas og Mikkel overtog trommerne. 


Freaks 1977 - 1977

2 af gutterne fra det senere orkester Freaks (DM i pop) Kim (Bas) og Jan (Guitar) slog sig sammen med Steen (Trommer) og jeg (Guitar). Vi øvede for det meste på Tranumparkens Skole i Brøndby Strand, og spillede en enkelt gang i ungdomsklubben. Stilen var efterligninger at nutidens rytmer og rock. 


Saturn 1978 - 1978

Dan (Bas-Guitar) var vel nok en af Danmarks største Kizz fan. I hvert fald dannede vi Saturn, hvor Bo (Guitar) var tilbage på guitar og et hav af trommeslagere som jeg ikke kan huske navnene på. Vi øvede i øvrigt på døveinstituttet i Bülowsgade København. 


Heavy Duty 1979 - 1980

Et seriøst projekt med Allan (Guitar), Jens (Bas), Bjarne (Trommer). Vi øvede og øvede og øvede.... på ungdomsgården ved Bellahøj. Det blev til et par enkelt jobs og en multi lang indspilning i studiet To-Trin-Ned i studiestræde Kbh. original tapes haves stadig (4 spor 2"" real tape optaget på en 4 spors Teak Tapestation), derefter brød vi. Allan og jeg dannede A la basta. 


A la basta 1980 - 1982

Vi fik først Lars (Trommer, senere Cool Cats) og Kim (Bas, senere Cool Cats) med. Hertil kom XXX (Sang/Sax). Stilen blev mere dansk og vi spillede kun egne numre. Øvelokalet blev "istandsat" bag Sweet Silence Studio på Amager. Villy (Trommer) kom med, og det satte skub i tingene, sammen med Birger (Sang). Vi lancerede vores første rigtige koncert i Brumleby forsamlingshus på Østerbro med entre og TV optagelse (DR), hvor den optagelse er henne, ved jeg ikke, har du den så skriv...?


Jays 1983 - 2006

Ja, så er vi der, tilbage til kopi musikken for fuld udblæsning. Jays startede for år tilbage, så det var bare med at komme på vognen, ud og spille. Vi startede i august 1993 med Flemming (Sang), Tommy (Keyboards), Jens-Ole (Bas/Boomerang) og Erik (Trommer/Playboys). Jays er mainstream dansemusik og underholdning. Vi startede med at blive booket ud af Bent Helvang, siden solo og endelig i stald hos Flemming Sørensen (1997). Jobs var/er der masser af til en forandring


E.T Production 1987 - 1998

Blev ansat af Erling Sibbern / Erik Thomsen som Stagemanager /  Produktion manager. Har lavet de fleste Heavy/Rock koncerter i Danmark lige fra Megadeth til Pink Floyd 


Zack 1988 - 1988

Et musikalsk sidespring ved siden af Jays. Heavy Metal optog mig mere og mere, da det var en teknisk og larmende udfordring, som jeg gerne ville. Zack blev kun et forstadie til mere Heavy og studie projekt med Flemming (Sang/Jays), Palle (Bas), Niels (Trommer) og grækeren (Keyboard) som jeg headhuntede på en græsk restaurant på Østerbro, hvor han spillede i et zorba-ensemble. 


Big Time 1989 - 1990

Endnu et sidespring samtidig med Jays. Big time var det mest ambitiøse og faktisk helt ok. Mick (Sang/Alien Force), Rene (Bas/Posideon), Frederik (Trommer/Poseidon/Jays). Her legede vi rockstjerner med stort S. Vi havde jobs i Pumpehuset og Baghuset i Ballerup. Der blev indspillet ambitiøst i øvelokalerne på Roskilde vej i Rødovre) men, da det var ved at ligne noget, sagde jeg selv stop pga. familieforøgelse og studier (Cand.polit.). Øv, det var ellers fedt...

5aLive 2006 - ....

Efter bruddet med Flemming Gottfredsen, blev 4 af os (Jens-Ole, Torsten, Thomas og jeg) enige om at prøve med ny sanger fra Inex Jam Bo Thers. Det faldt godt ud og vi dannede 5aLive. Vi spiller samme stil som i det forgangne Jays, men er gået solo uden booking. Bus og gear overtog vi fra Jays. Bo besluttede at stoppe i 2009. Lady Di (Dianna Iserhorst) started i 5aLive som Bo's eftefølger. En ny era er started for 5aLive med den første kvindelige sanger i bandets historie.
Freinds 2008 - ....
Peter Klarskov var stand in for Bo på et par jobs i 5aLive. Peter og jeg dannede Freinds som et solo studio project, Jeg spiller alt musik og Peter synger. du kan se mere via linket.










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