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Welcome to Pierre Schwartz's global site. Please use Microsoft Internet Explore to view this site


Browse my WEB and find loads of guitar stuff. And some recording samples.

I have been playing for more than 40 years with many different DK bands.

Above are some solo's with 5aLive.dk


I have also done a lot of production management/stage management for many international bands.


I have mainly been working for ET Concerts/Promotions (Erik Thomsen R.I.P. 1944-2005).


Below is a list of references with bands and artist I have been working with as

stage manager/production manager/sound engineer or promoter rep., during the last 20 years.

  • 5alive (guitar 2006- present)

  • Aerosmith

  • Albert Collins

  • Alberte

  • Alice Cooper

  • Alannah Myles

  • Amazon (sound engineer)

  • Big Time (playing Guitar and everything)

  • Black Sabbath

  • Bon Jovi

  • Bryan Adams

  • Chilly (Germany)

  • Dave Grusin

  • David Lee Roth (With my God Steve Vai and Billy Sheean as my favourite bass player)

  • Deep Purple (Erik Thomsen (promoter) brought them to DK for first time ever in 1972 KB Hallen Copenhagen)

  • Def Leppard

  • Diesel

  • DIO

  • Dream Theater

  • Englebert Humperdick

  • 5aLive (playing Guitar and everything)

  • Freak of Nature (with Mike Tramp (Michael Trampenau ex. Mable) stg.man. and monitor mix))

  • Gary Moore (10 years)

  • George Zamphir

  • Gino Vanelli

  • Girl School

  • Halloween

  • Hawk Wind (I was sound engineer)

  • Ian Gillan Solo

  • Iron Maiden

  • Jane Doe (I was sound engineer)

  • Jays (playing Guitar and everything 1983-2006)

  • Joe Satriani

  • Judas Priest

  • Kid Creole and the Coconuts

  • Kim Larsen

  • King Diamond

  • King X

  • Kings of Sun

  • Kitaro

  • Kizz

  • Lee Ritenour

  • Little Feet

  • Manowar

  • Megadeth

  • Mezzoforte

  • Midnight Blues

  • Mothers Finest

  • Mothley Crue

  • Motorhead

  • Mr Big (with Billy Sheean and Paul Gilbert)

  • Ozzy Osbourne

  • Paco de Lucia

  • Panthera

  • Paradise Lost

  • Pat Metheny Group 

  • Patti Austin

  • Pearl Jam

  • Pink Floyd (84 trucks +50.000 audience)

  • Pretty Maids

  • Queensryche

  • Randy Crawford

  • Richard Marks

  • Richie Blackmores Knight (good bless him, now he is surely far away from the good old rainbow days)

  • Robert Plant Solo

  • Rod Stewart (with full symphonic orchestra Status Q as warm up)

  • Santana

  • Scorpions

  • Sepultura

  • Sjakal (sound engineer)

  • Skidrow

  • Slayer

  • Status Quo (a lot of times, HURRA it was fun)

  • Stevie Nicks

  • Suicidal Tendencies

  • Testament

  • Timeless Hall (sound engeenier)

  • Tracy Chapmann

  • UDO

  • Vixen

  • Warlock

  • WASP

  • White Lion

  • White Snake

  • Yngwie Malmsteen




Contact info: pierreschwartz@pierreschwartz.com